Ram Govind
Principal /Technology Solution Executive

Mr. Govind is the Principal & Technology Solution Executive, primarily responsible for the entrepreneurship of Autonomic Enterprise in order to deliver to clients the world-class business and technology solution services. Mr. Govind is keen on bringing the best innovations, practices, services, techniques, and technology to cost-effectively integrate, enable, operate, and improve an enterprise computing platform. He has thirty plus years of experience as a Solution Executive, Senior Member Executive Staff (Tech), Chief Enterprise Architect, Chief Technical Architect, Lead Solution Architect, Deputy Director (Technical), Principal Technical Manager/Engineer, and Senior Systems Engineer, primarily in Enterprise Architecture (EA)/IT transformation implementation; Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) “Service-Oriented” services; cloud computing “As-a-Service”; and autonomic computing “self-managed” solutions. Mr. Govind has established and built modernization blueprints for the U.S. Federal Departments: HHS/CMS, DoD/DTRA, Treasury/IRS, Education/Federal Student Aid, Commerce/USPTO, and DHS/CBP. His expertise includes Federal Enterprise Architecture, DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Global Information Grid (GIG), Health IT architecture, solution-based architectures, Agile/SDLC implementation, software architecture, infrastructure design, security architecture/design specs, ITIL service lifecycle, enterprise integration, and Enterprise Data Architecture. As a principal member of the CSC winning team, Mr. Govind has led the successful pursuits and wins, worth over $1.5B in new CSC business revenue. His professional achievements and rewarding recognitions include:

  • Awarded as an “Applied Scientist in Computer Science”, A Honorary Doctorate-Equivalent Degree, by the George Washington University, Washington D.C., for his excellence in the IT fields.
  • Designed the ED Enterprise Modernization Architecture (EMA) Framework by being honored as ‘Govind Chart’ by the Chief Operating Officer, and greatly appreciated by GAO and US congress, and selected as a global finalist for the CSC President’s Technical Excellence Award 2001.
  • The BDM STAR award by the $1B BDM International.
  • As a Chief Solution Architect, exceeded the customer expectations under tight schedule for the DAU Objective EA task.
  • Primary designer, author, and contributor for winning the first time EA Leadership Award. IRS won the award, recognizing that IRS was the implementer of the world-class IRS EA across the U.S. federal and industry sectors in 2003.
  • Intel selected fellow for the Intel Future Solution Architect Summit 2002, Intel Head Quarters, CA, one of 29 architect fellows from all around the globe provided Intel the thought leadership.

Mr. Govind holds a Master of Engineering from National Institute of Technology; and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics from Annamalai University in India.

Outstanding Achievements & Rewarding Recognitions