Agility Cloud Enablement Platform

Agility Cloud Enablement Platform

Federal agencies are aware of that taxpayers demand on accessing information at the speed of thought anytime, anywhere on any device. Federal agencies are increasingly pressured for greater IT agility, while facing the congressionally-mandated budget constraints; and challenge of unable to quickly adapt to the constantly changing needs of the congressional requirements, and infuse emerging technologies. Cloud-based computing services has been hailed as a holistic enterprise solution to these challenges offering improved efficiency, and scale, and enabling dynamic on-demand IT. Enterprise IT Cloud is a multi-tenant platform that cost-effectively enables the federal governments to treat IT services as a commodity and dynamically increase or decrease to match their usage needs. In order to meet that taxpayers’ demand and enable greater IT agility, Autonomic Enterprise has hotbed of emerging cloud experts, who has innovatively derived the framework of an Agility Cloud Enablement (ACE) Platform, which can help our federal customers:

  • Align IT strategy with organizational goals;
  • Transition current IT platform to the next generation of an agile and resilient IT foundation;
  • Provide cloud-Agnostic enterprise IT services;
  • Enforce Government-custom policies for cloud governance, security, and compliance;
  • Provide defense-in-depth of an end-to-end cloud-based security model spanning network, instance, data, and access levels including identity and access management thru single sign-on;
  • Enable cloud-on-demand of fully governed, self-service-oriented to the standardized IT services and customizable applications and platforms; and enable firewall self-configuration across the deployment models of private, hybrid, public and community clouds;
  • Integrate with the cloud-vendor choice of Amazon EC2, Google cloud, IBM cloud, Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, Eucalyptus, Fujitsu, OpenStack, Rackspace, Savvis, Terremark, VMware, VCE, and others; and
  • Provide enterprise cloud management of tens of thousands of workloads, automatically discovering and importing virtual machines, and aligning workloads to appropriate storage resources.
  • Protect and secure the user experience and the business with security imperatives and regulations as you migrate to the cloud.

Our emerging ACE Platform is a fully integrated suite of DevOps, Development-Kits, multiple products, cloud adapters, and a robust set of intelligent application interfaces. Our cloud experts have further enhanced and integrated our framework of ACE Platform to our customer have single control point for cloud security, governance, abstraction, virtualization, orchestration, and lifecycle management capabilities consumed by each product module, exposed via intelligent-API and implemented via adapters for all cloud environments. For transforming your current IT to the next generation of cloud platform of choice, we:

  • Take a holistic view of enterprise architecture approach to your solution with a focus on talents, techniques, best practice, utility-based service center of excellence, technology, and economies of scale;
  • Quantify, qualify, and justify the cloud initiative based on the uniqueness of the agencies’ business and goals;
  • Consider the cybersecurity, optimized IT infrastructure, discovery and adoption of network elements, mapped dependencies, development of application performance and latency models, server consolidation, and the service level agreements with unit of virtualization measures;
  • Improve the quality and delivery of applications and services by selecting the most appropriate applications to migrate to your cloud; and
  • Provide ultimate service performance by determining how your cloud migration will affect the IT infrastructure in terms of virtualization, dependencies, and application latencies.