Innovations [AE-ICE]

Autonomic Enterprise is very passionate about driving business value through leading-edge innovations and sharing the proven best practices with our clients, customers, and partners to help them lead their Enterprise IT more effectively, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the value of their IT investments at the economies of scale and engine of growth.

Autonomic Enterprise is emerging to discover a wide range of subject areas and gain insights from our senior IT experts about lessons learned, best practices, latest innovations, and new areas where we are exploring in social computing, mobility, big data, analytics, cloud, Health IT, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Search, and the Internet of Everything.

Every federal or commercial sector has its specific challenges. At the same time, certain kinds of expertise cut across all federal agencies, such as cybersecurity and network management. Covering a range of federal agencies and technologies, from financial management, education, healthcare, defense to space to cybersecurity, Internet of Everything to network management, our Innovation Center of Excellence (AE-ICE)is emerging to help federal and commercial clients accomplish their strategic goals. Our employees and clients are expected to leverage this AE-ICE for their research, ideation, innovation, demonstration, and pilot of solutions tailored to their unique requirements. AE-ICE will serve as hotbeds of innovations, incubations, talents, technologies, techniques, and technical expertise. Because of our leading-edge team of IT SMEs is at the forefront of new technology trends and breakthroughs long before coming to market, we are able to apply that knowledge to everything from radically new solutions to ingenious answers for everyday business challenges.

To keep vendor neutrality, continuous service improvement, cost-effectiveness, and economies of scale, we will deliver an evenhanded, optimum set of solution services for a particular technology, application or business sector. In that way, AE-ICE expects to be uniquely positioned to innovate, incubate, and demonstrate customized solutions and prototypes in a cost-effective and low-risk environment.